These 7 Keys Made Me A World Champion 
& 8 figure Entrepreneur!


Learn the skills for success from a Real World Champion.

Success is an 'inside job'. Get your mind right and you are far more likely to reach your goals.

In this FREE SESSION, Tyson will show you the 7 Keys to Success that you MUST know.


What You Will Learn from Tyson Durfey....

  • Getting Ready To Take On Life: Learn the skills that you already have to get yourself Mentally Tough to take on life and Win!
  • No More 'White Knuckles': Learn to get life to work for you on your terms. You will no longer need to fight through every challenge with white knuckles. 
  • Financial Comfort: Understanding these 7 Keys and deploying them in your life will set you up for financial security.
  • What Ever Job You Do: Whether you are a pro athlete, a high flyer in the corporate world or even just someone with a 'regular job', these 7 keys when understood and used in your life will get you on the path to success.
  • ​How to Take Action: Learn how taking just the first step in the process however imperfect that step is, gets you on the road to reach your goals.
  • Getting Through The Hard Time With A Smile: Learn how even when things are against you, how you can keep smiling (and why it's so important that you do).
  • ​Force Gratitude : You have heard being grateful is important but what about the times when it is hard to be grateful. Tyson shares a super secret to staying thankful and grateful even in the toughest times. 
  • Using Your Mind To See Your Future: Learn the skill of seeing your success even before you have achieved it in person. Getting this right can propel you to your goals successfully. 
  • ​How to Call Yourself Out: This is an important one! When your mind try's to get you to take the easier path, this key to success keeps you on the right track. That's normally the track less travelled. 
  • ​Do Hard Stuff Daily: Winning takes effort and to win you need to do some hard stuff. Learn how to ensure that you are taking on the right challenges day after day like habit. 

Meet Tyson Durfey!

About Tyson Durfey
Influencer, Entrepreneur, & World Champion Rodeo Athlete
I'm Tyson Durfey, a professional rodeo athlete, businessman, a father of 3.

I come from very humble beginnings growing up on a small ranch in the midwest. My dad was a horse trainer and rancher who worked 16hrs a day for my entire life. He taught me how to work hard, but I learned to work smart on with my first mentor/coach.

Its ultra powerful when you learn to work hard and smart. I went from a small country kid with almost nothing to winning millions in the arena and earning millions through our businesses. I have multiple brand partnerships with billion dollar companies such as Savage Arms, Polaris, and Toro.

I don't tell you this to brag....I tell you this to show you that if I can do it.....then you can do it to with the right coaching.

You want to know how I did it?

I found someone who had done what I wanted to do and used there knowledge and guidance to TIME COLLAPSE my Journey!

Basically I learned form them so I didn't have to make all the mistakes myself. I used their knowledge to help prevent me from making huge mistakes that cost time and money. They helped me through so much and gave the guidance to compete with a clearer mind while teaching me how to shake off the losses!

This is why I developed the Mental Toughness Masterclass. I did it to teach you all the mindset strategies that pushed me to a World Championship!

I want to give a direct No BS linear approach to the mindset that I have. I will tell you that it is not going to be easy but if you've read this far then your probably not a quick fix kind of person.

You're a winner and a champion!

You're different than most and you will make a shift. 

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